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FindMe CC2650 Sources

Get full cc2650 sources here.


It is suggested to clone the project, and import the exact files needed over the example project "project-zero" ("project_zero_app_cc2650launchxl") with ble-stack project imported also. for more guidance one can refer to the course site and look at the first exercise.


copy all files from the git repo you've cloned to the directory called "project_zero_app_cc2650launchxl", replace all files.


Compile and run over your device.

APK Sources​


Get full android app sources here.

APK Download

Grab the apk here:






* To install it, enable developer-mode (click on settings->about couple of times).


* Then, Check "enable install from unknown sources" under the developer-mode tab.


* Now, download adb.exe, and connect to your device using adb shell. to install the apk type in the cmd line:


"adb install ble_app.apk"

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